The Dream

The ultimate goal of the organisation is to establish our own ‘wellness centre.’

The centre would offer various resources:

* Gym/Fitness sessions, either part subsidised OR fully funded to facilitate the benefits of physical health for mental health. We are fortunate to have a few instructors/health professionals who would like to be involved – we just need a space for them to work within.
* Workshops – The workshops would range from different offerings such as learning new skills for life, to learning new skills to enhance job prospects. They would offer a relaxed environment where people who may suffer with anxiety, agoraphobia etc, could meet up and socialise whilst learning. There would also be workshops to improve well being and confidence.
* Counselling – one of the main problems, affecting those who have Mental Health issues in Cornwall, is the long waiting lists for counselling services. Our aim is to be able to offer sessions that are based on either referrals from GP’s, or self-referrals. Whilst we recognise that counselling isn’t for everyone; it is vital for some. The waiting list times on Cornwall are risking lives!
* Support sessions – Very much like what we are doing now., but more bespoke to the various different Mental Health conditions.
* Educational services. Education/raising awareness is the key to improving how Mental Health is managed. Our centre would facilitate talks/meetings/sessions that educate people about Mental Health – including different conditions, how you can support someone affected, where to get help, etc.
* A cafe – a relaxed space to chill out and escape, or come and chat with staff. This could help combat loneliness and isolation.