💕 The Book of Me 💕

Ladies, (and gents, if you’d like to join in) 

I’d like to set you all a challenge. I’d like you to buy a notebook. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy – just something that you’ll keep by your bedside, or on the coffee table, or in your handbag. You can decorate it, doodle on the front of it, wrap it old school style OR just keep it as it is. 

This notebook is now called ‘The Book of Me.’ A book entirely dedicated to you. Written by you, for you! 
I want you to pick up your book whenever you’re feeling down, overwhelmed, anxious, tired, or even just because.
And each time you pick up the book, I’d like for you to pick a question from the back of the book (soon to be explained), turn to the front of the book and answer that question. You can do as many as you like. And you can repeat questions to see if/how your answers change.
At the back of the book, I’d like you to write down the following questions. 
You can add questions to your book as you go along. Or, if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment and anyone can then add them as they feel. 
✨ What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?
✨ When did I last do something for the FIRST time? 
✨ What’s the one piece of advice I’d like to give my future self?
✨ When am I the happiest version of me?
✨ When’s the last time I proper belly laughed? What was it about? 
✨ What would my perfect day consist of. Start to finish? 
✨ What do I love about my life? 
✨ What makes me stand out from others? 
✨ Who makes me the happiest? 
✨ What do I enjoy doing so much that I lose track of time? 
When is the last time I did it? 
✨ If I had five minutes, where the world stood still and listened entirely to me – what would I say? 
✨ What is my biggest strength? 
✨ What are my favourite memories? 
✨ What motivates me to keep going? 
✨ When do I feel most unstoppable? 
✨ What are the five character traits I need to work on, or let go of? 
✨ What makes me feel most empowered?
✨ Why does your nose run, but your feet smell? ☺️
✨ In one word, what do I live for? 
✨ When did I last feel inspired? 
✨ What hobbies would I like to do if time no money were no issue? 
✨ What’s my favourite joke? One that makes me snort with laughter? 
✨ What’s the cheesiest chat up line I ever received/heard of? 
✨ What’s my favourite song to song our loud/dance around the room to when nobody is around? (If you can… do it now! 😜)
✨ Who inspires me? 
✨ If I was told I would live forever, what would I  change? 
✨ What did I do this past week that’s made me feel proud? 
✨ What does love look like to me? 
✨ What smell makes me happy? 
✨ What am I most knowledgable about? 
✨ What’s the best gift I’ve ever received? 
✨ What’s the greatest challenge in my life right now? 
✨ What makes me a good friend? 
✨ If I could change my name, what would I be called.
✨ Do I need to start saying ‘No’ more OR ‘Yes’ more? 
✨ What words did I need to hear, today? 
✨ What can you hold in your left hand, but not in your right hand? 😜
✨ What would I most like to cross off of my bucket list? 
✨ If I packed up and went to live in a cave for a year; who’s life would be impacted the most without me? Why?
✨ What’s the most beautiful feature of my face? 
✨ How am I similar to my role models? 
✨ What actions can I do on a daily basis to make the world a better place for ME?
This book is yours. Yours to keep, treasure, pass on, stash, turn into award winning memoirs 💪🏼 Whatever you do with your book: it is yours. Because you’re incredible, interesting, funny, inspiring, and so worth writing a book about!