About The Founder

I’m Natasha & I’m passionate about raising awareness & support for Mental Health issues. I was diagnosed with Post -Natal Depression after the difficult birth of my first child, back in 2000. Thankfully I had an amazing network of support which helped me through the day to day struggles I faced. Then, following a cancer diagnosis in 2008 I was diagnosed with Anxiety.
Looking at me you wouldn’t know, and actually most of the time I’m absolutely fine. I manage my M/H & am so incredibly fortunate to be able to function everyday without my M/H interfering. But I know I’m one of the lucky ones. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the UK. And, whilst I struggle to let people become a part of my circle, the people I do have in my life are beyond wonderful. But…

I’ve lost friends to their battles with Mental Health. Members of my own family struggle with their M/H & I can’t actually think of a single person I know who hasn’t been affected by M/H; either directly or indirectly. Every week social media highlights the death of someone who just couldn’t exist anymore. Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Aunts.. beautiful souls that felt that ending their own lives was the only route.

I hear of teenagers that are crippled by anxiety and can’t leave the house. Older people who are lost under the cloud of depression. People becoming part of a statistic movement, and end up lost in systems that will never be able to help them. And I just can’t stand back and watch it happen without trying to change it.

I’ve worked in the Charity sector for 6 years, & I have over 25yrs Retail experience. So, it seemed the most natural thing to envision a charity that helps people affected by M/H issues. And it all starts with a space. A ‘donation station’ & a shop. This space will create funds that will be used to, not only support the M/H community, but also buffer the wonderful little organisations that offer support. This is my dream, & in case you hadn’t gathered – I’m relentless!

And so that’s my story; so far! And you can help write the next chapter.