We’re an organisation that supports mental health across Cornwall

Approximately one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. This means that, even if it’s not you, it’s someone you know. Maybe someone you love. By the year 2030 it’s estimated that there will be 2 million more adults affected by Mental Health problems than there were in 2013.
A stark indication that the problem isn’t going away!


Your Voice needs a home. It needs a donation drop off point, & a shop to get us started on our fundraising journey. It needs you! This is your chance to make a huge impact. To help us give people a voice & support them. The long term goal is to eventually be able to fund a centre that offers resources to help support the Mental Health community. Resources such as:

A GYM. Exercise is a recognised tool for helping to alleviate mental health symptoms.


COUNSELLING. Both one to one sessions, & group meetings.

WORKSHOPS. To help boost confidence AND provide social experiences.

A CAFE. Somewhere to sit, drink, eat & fund a friendly face.

Obviously that’s a long way down the road, but it’s a goal. And one that needs us to get the shop up and running. So please, please support us. A fiver, a tenner, or even the price of a coffee. It will all help us to get this charity off of the ground & start making a difference.